Aayush Kumar

Aayush is extremely passionate about traveling and interacting with new people, and strongly believes in making the most of every opportunity that comes his way. Aayush is keen on research and corporate finance, and was able to undertake this during his time at SMU Emerging Markets. In the future, he plans to pursue a career in investment banking, which is in alignment with his professional and personal interests.

Amanda Chia Wen Ling

As an adventurous person, Amanda constantly involves herself in a myriad of school activities. From doing ballroom dancing in SMU Ballare, to dabbling in lifesaving skills at the SMU Lifeguard Corps, she believes in fully enriching her university life. Amanda also enjoys spending her time meaningfully, having travelled to Xinjiang to conduct lessons for underprivileged children as part of an overseas community service project. During her leisure time, you will find her in the pool, which she fondly calls her second home.   

Annetta Chan Wei Ting

Annetta loves to discover the wonders of the world within its depths. She is always ready to hop on her next big adventure, where she'll meet new people and rediscover herself. She has travelled to India for Project Vikasa, a study trip to Vietnam and an exchange to Vancouver. As an avid food lover, Annetta is also part of the SMU Gourmet Club.

Arushi Himatsingka

After completing her high school education in India, Arushi moved to Singapore to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Analytics (Marketing). She is passionate about data, consulting and mathematics and aspires to make a career in Analytics Consulting. She is also a graceful dancer with a diploma in classical Indian Dance and enjoys swimming and hitting the gym. She loves traveling and learning about new cultures. 

Benjamin Amaldas Samynathan

Benjamin enjoys the challenging academic endeavours of law and business. He serves in the SMU Christian Fellowship, found pro-bono with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme eye-opening, and embarked on humbling OCSPs to Darjeeling and Manila. His interests lie in the intersection of regulation and emerging technologies.

Chan Mei An

A bubble-tea and caffeine addict, Mei An is a curious individual who enjoys exploring and gaining new skills, something SMU has given her ample opportunity to do. She is currently a part of SMU Funk Movement and SMU Aquatic Sharks. In her free time, she enjoys eating good food and thinking about the origins of the universe. 

Chua Min Hui

Having been an athlete all her life with 7 years of prior experience in Fencing, Min Hui never participated in the arts - till now. She is a proud member of the Timbal section from SMU Samba Masala, SMU's Afro - Brazilian Percussion Group. Min Hui aims to broaden her horizons through SMU's opportunities, and has participated in an overseas community service project (Project Neora V) to India and a Summer Term in Cambridge University as part of the Pembroke-King's Programme.

Chloe Tan Hui Yin

As a highly motivated individual, Chloe seeks opportunities that allow her to broaden her horizons and meet like-minded individuals. Having led an OCSP to Nepal, planned SMU Waikiki and been a Sports Camp Facilitator, she believes a university education should go beyond the paper chase.

Chua Wen Yi, Giselle

Giselle enjoys interacting with people and immersing herself in different cultures. Since she entered SMU in 2014, she has had the opportunity to visit 4 countries including Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong and India. You can often spot Giselle in school where she can be seen working as a gym trainer at the school gym, sharing her stories as an ambassador, or studying as a student. In her free time, Giselle enjoys hiking, watching cooking tutorials and whipping up her own meals. 

Chua Yan Jie

Yan Jie is an active participant of school-wide activities, having organised events such as SMU Sports Camp and Waikiki. Apart from striving for excellence in his academics, he is also concurrently a financial planner, as these activities serve to feed his passion for interacting and connecting with people. 

Derrick Pang Guiqiang

Work hard, play hard - Derrick sees university as the last step before entering the corporate world, and believes that this is the key to maximising whatever university life has to offer. As a sophomore, Derrick signed up to challenge himself both physically and mentally, taking up CCAs like Track and Field, cycling, and learning more about investing through EYE Investment. Derrick also had the opportunity to learn about and serve the Thai community through two editions of an overseas community service project, Project Nok Hook.

Elizabelle Ong Xin Yi

Elizabelle chose SMU for its diverse opportunities for global exposure, and has gone on 2 study trips and 1 overseas community service projectin her 3 years in SMU thus far, and is in the midst of preparing to go on her exchange program to Australia. She appreciates the exposure to foreign countries - studying their culture and economic landscape. She also hopes to continue exploring different career paths and has pursued internships in both the public and private sector. In her free time, you can either find her enjoying an afternoon in Instagram-worthy cafes or scrapbooking.

Gabriel Koh Zhe Ming

Gabriel believes in exploring sustainability and environmental causes, alongside his passion for learning coding and software engineering. He strives to remain optimistic despite his circumstances and be there for others, and upholds professionalism, teamwork, and communication skills.

Gwen Lim Ching Ee

Gwen is passionate about stepping out of her comfort zone and meeting new peo ple. Prior to joining ASMU, she was the Events Director of SMU EYE Investment where she liaised with corporate partners and spearheaded WOMEN@BANKS 2017. She also attended the summer programme at University of Cambridge where she met students from around the world.

Heather Elizabeth Humphries

Heather has a keen interest in running and Muay Thai, having picked up the martial art in her first year at SMU. Despite being smaller than most Ambassadors, she hopes her size doesn't dwarf (pun intended) her interest in the sport. A year 2 Social Science student, she likes keeping up with politics and was crushed by the results of the 2016 US elections. As were many.

Ho Bang Ying

Bang Ying is most active as a foodie (especially Southeast Asian food). He also toggles between supporting Liverpool and leading the fast life on his road bike. In his free time, he travels the world for international business case competitions with SMU Cognitare, amongst other pursuits. Life in SMU couldn't be more fulfilling for him!

Irina Sia Xueqi

Irina challenges herself in the pursuit of excellence and aspires to make a differe nce to society. In Year 1 alone, she participated in 2 Overseas Community Service Projects and has served as a mentor at a local charity organisation. But she is only as strong as her cup of coffee and needs her daily dose by 10.

Jessica Lee Yi Ling

Recipient of the University Student Life Awards, Jessica was the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Club Vice President and is an international students’ mentor. Finalist for Voice Personality Hunt, she emcees for corporate events and carnivals. She loves dancing, singing and visiting exhibitions.

Kelvin Fan Shih Lei

Kelvin has been an active member of the SMU Track and Field Club even before his matriculation. Although a young athlete of just 3 years, he trains frequently as part of the national training squad. In Dec 2016, he took a leap of faith and embarked on a self-organized training stint in Sydney. In summer, he also devoted significant amounts of time to facilitating camps such as Inspirar, Sports Camp & BONDUE Camp. In his free time, he enjoys baking and cooking.

Kenneth Kong Guo Liang

Adventurous by nature, Kenneth believe in trying new things and learning along the way. As an active member in SMUXtremists, he has participated in trekking, diving and kayaking expeditions in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. His mantra, that life is too short to visit the same place twice, brought him to Kenya for an overseas internship, and Israel for a semester-long exchange.

Lam Wai Weng, Aaron

Aaron enjoys stepping out of his comfort zone to gain new experiences. SMU’s wide array of co-curricular activities enables him to participate in contemporary dance workshops and weekly Yoga sessions. He strongly believes that there is always something to learn in whatever he does. In his free time, you can find him in the gym or reading a book.

Lay Jun Yuan Calvin

Calvin welcomes opportunities to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. He has embarked on two overseas community service trips to Laos and attended a winter study program in Yogyakarta. He enjoys travelling, food, Liverpool FC and believes that we should constantly reach out and enrich the lives of the underprivileged. 

Lee Hern Hwei Vera

Vera loves to meet people and do things she is passionate about. She is part of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment, where she hones her skill at hosting events, as well as SMU's Funk Movement, a dance club specialising in popping and locking.

Lee Jia Le

Jia Le enjoys looking out for new learning opportunities and thrives in new and unfamiliar environments. He is grateful for his SMU experience, which involves being part of an organising committee for several school events and leading an overseas community service project team to Philippines. He is looking forward to other future overseas exposure opportunities that SMU has to offer.

Lee Kai Yang

As a naturally outspoken individual, Kai Yang possesses an outgoing demeanour, that has seen him take on multiple positions as student ambassador of SMU and Deloitte Singapore. He is also a sports fanatic with a particular love for water polo.

Lim Chiu Yang (James)

An avid seeker of the SMU experience, James actively involves himself in a host of school activities, which include EYE investment; The Teung Project- an overseas community service project to Chiang Rai, Thailand; and the Management in Europe programme by the University of St. Gallen. Recently, he has also obtained a level 1 certification in Windsurfing, learning more about himself and about the sport along the way. 

Ling Kai Tsi

Despite having trekked up to 5000m above sea level, dived 25m below it, and emceed at the ASEAN University Games, Kai Tsi still gets nervous right before conducting a campus tour. When not buried in an e-book, he spends his free time supporting the social sector through his work in Conjunct Consulting and the tea industry with his addiction to masala chai.

Liu Yuxi

Curious and spontaneous, Yuxi always wants to find out more. An aspiring psychologist, she yearns to understand human behaviour better. In SMU, she enjoys the collaborative learning style and strong support of faculty and friends who never fail to inspire her in every step of the journey.

Looi Yin Yee (Yvonne)

Yvonne’s passion lies in teaching; she believes that education will shape a person's future, in the way he thinks, interacts and affect change in oneself and people around him. She also enjoys interacting with the elderly, which led her to join SMU Inspirar as the Beneficiary Visit director. In her spare time, Yvonne likes to attend seminars and workshops outside of her curriculum to broaden her horizons. 

Manisha Goyal

Manisha's love for logic and math makes her an avid programmer. She aspires to become a data scientist in the future. She is passionate about playing squash, and is a member of the SMU Squash Club. She enjoys cooking and running in her free time. 

Nadia Pritta Wibisono

As an international student passionate in learning Marketing and Strategic Management, Pritta led Project Gazaab Indonesia, where she used her business knowledge learnt at SMU to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in her home country. Pritta was in SMU Fencing and is also an active member of SMU Komunitas Indonesia.

Nay Myo Aung

Nay Myo is fascinated with understanding human behavior and passionate about growing and developing individuals, combining these interests with a career in Human Resources. To cure his debilitating stage-fright when engaging large groups, he took up emceeing and event hosting. In his free time, Nay Myo pursues photography and binges on coffee.

Ng Sining Adelia

A go-getter, Adelia enjoys traveling the world, experiencing new cultures a nd learning new skills. She loves analyzing minds, which explains her major in psychology. Having served as the Vice President of SMU Gourmet Club, Adelia enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, eating good food, and running to burn the calories off after.

Nigel Chua Jia En

A late bloomer in terms of student life activities, Nigel is an active member of the SMU Archery team, SMUXtremists, and of course, the SMU Ambassadorial Corps. Nigel's extra-curriculars are more than a welcome distraction from his Law books – they have also created ample opportunities for him to grow, learn, and lead.

Quek Yew Kit Jett

A member of SMU Broadcast and Entertainment, where he sharpens his skill at hosting events and engaging people, Jett is currently dabbling in a new personal project - public speaking. Besides providing a listening ear as a Peer Helper and doing the occasional yoga, he can be found in the school gym from time to time or checking out various hawker haunts around Singapore. 

Rahul Gobindram Thadani

Besides serving the Corps, Rahul has gone on to explore a myriad of opportunities. From juggling between academics and his CCA (Fitnessworks) to gaining global exposure through summer school in Cambridge, an exchange semester in Atlanta as well as a overseas community service project to Cambodia, Rahul has been actively broadening his perspectives through these experiences so as to contribute more effectively to the SMU community. He has also gained professional insights through his various internships in the finance industry. Rahul believes that a holistic education plays a fundamental role in shaping the lives and future of people, as it has in his.

Rebecca Foong Pek Yee

With a bubbly personality, Rebecca enjoys meeting new people and travelling. From volunteering in local community service projects to organising freshmen camps, she never fails to put a smile on their faces. She is grateful to SMU for providing her with many overseas exposure experiences.

Sandra Tan Si Qi

Being cheerful and bubbly, you can always hear Sandra's laughter before you see her! A  great friend, Sandra is approachable and friendly, constantly bringing smiles to people around her. She is thankful for the many opportunities provided by SMU, such as an unforgettable experience to Nepal, expanding the boundaries for her to offer help.

Sandy Wong Shuan Ee

Sandy enjoys new experiences and loves to meet people. She has travelled broadly with SMU - she participated in two community service trips to India and the Philippines, attended a summer school programme in South Korea, embarked on a study trip to Australia and completed an internship in Hong Kong. She is currently on exchange at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and being an ambassador wherever she is (we hope)! 

Sarvagnya Kailas

Sarsa tries her best to stay updated and involved in the music scene in and out of SMU. Music is her creative outlet and she loves performing at different events to different people. She really got into it only after coming to SMU, where the arts are celebrated and where SMU SoundFoundry gave her the platform to be a performer with other musicians.

Sasha Joseph


Sasha loves the environment and animals, having volunteered at the Zoo and been an Exco member of SMU People for Animal Welfare, and dreams of owning a Golden Retriever. In both ASMU and her personal life, she actively pursues self-development. Sasha is caring and optimistic, and enjoys meeting people from other cultures.

Sylvester Yeo

Having a keen interest in outdoor adventure, Sylvester was previously in SMUXtremists, where he participated and planned various events. He believes that the various experiences he gained outside of classroom are key in gaining a holistic undergraduate education.

Tan Jia Li Kelly

Kelly is a part of both the Badminton Team, as well as ASMU. Her most memorable experience is the chance to represent Singapore in the World University Games (2017), and at the same time the opportunity to be the Overall 2IC for SMU Parents’ Day. As an individual, she believes in having a diversity of experiences in the pursuit of excellence.

Tan Junn Wei

Junn Wei is a travel enthusiast, with a personal aim of travelling overseas during every school holiday. He loves community service, and has participated in Project Nok Hook twice, Project Grasya and AIESEC Global Summer Volunteer. An exercise and gaming addict, he loves to hit the gym, play sports and spend hours on end gaming!

Tan Rui Feng

Rui Feng is passionate about creating social impact through skills-based volunteering. As a consultant in SMU Conjunct Consulting, he had worked with other like-minded teammates to deliver hypothesis-driven solutions to social good organisations. His belief in serving his community has made him step up as the Chapter Director of his club.

Terence Yeo

Terence is all about the student life - be it in law school or the wider university context. In his freshman year, he helped organise the SMU Law Camp and Law Graduation Night. He also went to Meru, Kenya for 5 weeks to serve as part of SMU Pendeza. When he's not buried in his readings, he prefers to take it slow and meet up with friends!

Tian Hong Chun

Hong Chun is a positive individual that never shies away from challenges. Currently part of the SMU Climb Team, he dreams of scaling mountains with his friends one day.

Wayne Kaiends Kang Jian Kai

A semi-permanent fixture in SMU, Wayne spends a significant portion of his time in school. He can be spotted either at the various benches along the corridors of the School of Social Sciences poring over his Psychology readings, working out in the School Gymnasium or enjoying a relaxing afternoon swimming at the pool in the SMU Administration Building. On the off-chance that he is not in school, he is probably enjoying a good crime fiction thriller book or having some chilly good fun ice skating.

Yash Manish Mavani

Yash's SMU experience is essentially about stepping out of his comfort zone. From marketing SMU Parents' Day to creating a programme for a freshmen camp to handling public relations outreach for an international case competition, he has done it all. He continues to explore new opportunities in SMU every semester while working his way toward a career in the commodities sector.

Zhong Yingyi

Adventurous is the best word to describe Yingyi. Whether it's attending summer school in the US, leading an overseas community service project in India or doing an internship in Shanghai, Yingyi constantly finds ways to break out of her comfort zone and explore the unknown. In school, she has also participated in various activities such as diving trips with SMUXtremists, business case competitions and inter-faculty games. Right now, she is chasing her dream to become a project finance professional and is hoping to build infrastructure in emerging markets in future. 


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